Customer Care Center

Providing you with the best services is our utmost goal at Allianz Saudi Fransi. To ensure that our services truly fulfill your needs, we have made feasible these channels to make it easier to reach us:
Call us on:
800 3010001
Call us on:
+966 11 821 3000
Contact us at:
Allianz Saudi Fransi

Riyadh, Khorais Road, Khaleej Bridge

P.O. Box 3540 Riyadh 11481, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 11 821 3000

Fax:      +966 11 821 3999

Claim management
Step 1
As soon as we receive your complaint, you will receive an SMS message noting your Complaint Ticket number and contact details.
Step 2
Our Customer Complaint Department will contact you by phone to confirm your information and complaint within one business day of its submission.
Step 3
The complaint will be looked into, and you will be informed of any updated or needed documents within two business day. You will also be informed of the expected time to resolve this complaint within the 15 Days period as stated in the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency regulation.