Pecuniary Insurance

Our vast experience in Pecuniary Insurance has helped our customers make the best choices for their businesses, we are continuously working to provide them with the most accurate information and practices regarding their potential and current customers and market development.
Why choose Allianz Saudi Fransi Pecuniary Insurance?
  • Protection of Business Sectors against failure to pay commercial debts and provides compensation for material losses.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Cover for the business sector to avoid losses and increase profitability.
  • Increase knowledge and provide information about companies, the business sector, economic trends and indicators to make informed decisions about Credit facilities. 
  • Ensure constant communication and open dialogue with our customers or their agents while managing their account by our Claims Management, Risk Management and Alternative Risk Analysis and Underwriting Teams, as well as providing logistical services and consultancies. 
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Covers the loss of your money whilst in transit and whilst in the premise with several options of cover under the policy.
Covers the risk of not being paid by insured’s trade debtor. Additional covers offered are trade debt collection, protection against fraud, providing bonding and guarantees, including export guarantees.
Mitigates employee infidelity risk by providing indemnity to the employer against loss of money or property as a result of acts of fraud or dishonesty of any employees such as forgery, embezzlement, larceny or fraudulent conversion.
Covers legal liability of employers to compensate their employees for death, disablement or injury due to an accident at work during the period of employment contract.
Covers trade credit receivables in both domestic and export markets.