Engineering Insurance

As part of one of the leading Insurance Companies in the world, Allianz Saudi Fransi has established itself as a strong provider of Engineering, Contractors, and Construction Insurance Products. We provide risk management consultancies to our clients, a professional underwriting team, as well as a strong reputation obtained over the years.

Our Engineering Insurance services cover many vital sectors like: Power and Public Utilities, Oil, Gas, Onshore Projects and Construction, Infrastructure, Heavy Industries, Civil Engineering as well and Transportation Systems including equipments and machinery.

Why choose Allianz Saudi Fransi Engineering Insurance?
  • Provides Comprehensive Insurance Cover for Contracting Projects and Contractors all risks including materials.
  • Provides Comprehensive Insurance Cover for Factories and Boilers.
  • Provides Comprehensive Insurance Cover for Equipments and Machinery against Installation Risks, Machinery and Electronics Malfunction.
  • Ensure constant communication and open dialogue with our customers or their agents while managing their account by our Claims Management, Risk Management and Alternative Risk Analysis and Underwriting Teams, as well as providing logistical services and consultancies.
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Provides comprehensive cover against physical loss or damage to the property/ contract works during its construction, including contractor’s plant & equipment as well as liability towards third party arising during the construction period.
Provides comprehensive cover against physical loss or damage to the machinery/ plant/project during its erection, including liability towards third party during the erection period.
Covers against electrical or mechanical breakdown or damage to machinery and mechanical equipment at work, at rest or during maintenance operation.
Covers against losses which arise suddenly and unforeseeably and physically affects computer hardware, communication equipment, medical equipment and other electronic equipment, including damage to data media.
Construction plant and machinery can be covered against all risks of accidental loss or damage whilst it is operating at construction site.
Covers damage (other than fire) to any boiler or pressure vessel  and to other property of the Insured caused by and solely due to explosion or collapse.